Data Output

SMRE results phase II will be given here. Currently the interactive data output tool is under constructrion. The Data output tool wil go live on 27 February 2018. The data output tool will offer the following features:

  • Interactive tools for data retrieval and data analysis: Everybody can retrieve data and prepare customized tables, diagrams and maps.
  • Country- and dataset-cockpits allow for exploring data by countries and data by sources.
  • Special interfaces and export functions for easy use of SMRE-content for your own presentations
    and publications.
  • Presentation of "best data" provided by the SMRE team.

To keep up with the SMRE's progress and especially to get informed about the official start of the data output tool subscribe to the SMRE newsletter (see bottom line of this site).


Preview on the Output Tool



Prelimnary Results of SMRE Phase I

Phase I of the SMRE offererd a first qualified view on objective religious affiliation throughout  Europe. It already covered a wide range of different sources. The prelimnary results of phase I of the SMRE project are presented here. For understanding these results, it is important to recall the methods used.