Religious Category and Pluralization

In 17 countries and in the Western part of Germany Catholics are the largest religious group within the population. Among these 18 territorial units are three – Switzerland, Hungary, and Germany (West) – which are pluralized-Catholic.

Seven European countries are dominant-Orthodox. A pluralized-Orthodox country does not exist thus far.

Five countries are dominant-Protestant. Again, no European country can be classified as pluralized-Protestant.

Five countries consist of a Muslim majority. Among these, Albania is the only pluralized-Muslim country.

Estonia and the Czech Republic are the only European countries which are pluralized non-religious. In these two countries the proportion of people without religious affiliation is between 35 and 60 per cent, and this group takes the largest share within the population.

In the Eastern part of Germany all religious groups are a minority compared to the largest group of persons without a religious affiliation. Throughout Europe, this part of Germany is the only region which is dominant non-religious.